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  1. Hi;
    I am contacting you because you were at the Surfer Joe Festival in June, 2017.
    I also attended the «Surfer Joe Festival» this past summer in Livorno, Italy as a Concert Goer, and Videotaped lots of the performances of some great sounding Bands.

    I have written a song and compiled a Video of that Festival. Please give a listen to my song «Perpetual Surf». You just may be featured in the Video!
    Surfer Joe Festival 2017 Video
    Check it out here: http://www.michaelm.rocks/
    «Perpetual Surf» © 2017 michael m (Michael Morelli)

    If you like my song & video, please consider to follow me on Facebook and like my page:
    Please leave comments and/or send me a message if you see yourself in my Video. I would love to hear from you!

    michael m

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